God's Hands

Our missions team is always reaching out to help others.  We aim to be the hands and feet of the God we have come to know in Jesus Christ.  We have three major areas that we intentionally reach out: to feed the hungry; to give shelter to those with out a physical home; and to participate in intentional encounters with "the holy other" (people who don't look or speak or act exactly like we do).  Our goal is to get everyone at Bear Creek UMC active in at least one intentional ministry created or supported by our God's Hands team.  

  • Homelessness

    For four months out of the year, every 2 years, Bear Creek UMC hosts some very special guests that make our Bear Creek UMC campus home: Camp Unity Eastside!   This community that provides tent shelter to the homeless, needed connections with the larger community, and a safe and a protected place the homeless can call home, is a welcome site for us.  Camp Unity Eastside provides us with an incredible chance to encounter people who are different from us.  Our goal is not only to provide space for Camp Unity Eastside, but also to rub shoulders with them and create an atmosphere where we can better understand what it means to be homeless.  Camp Unity puts a much needed human face on a complex issue that is often too easily dismissed. Camp Unity Eastside is scheduled to come to Bear Creek in October of 2021.  

  • Hunger

    Bear Creek actively works to fight against hunger in our surrounding communities and in the world. We have surrounding partnerships with: HopeLinkMatthew House, and the Maltby Food Bank.  We also host a food gleaning group called "Good Neighbors Gleaning Association" on Fridays and Sundays.  We are honored to work closely with all of these organizations and will break our backs to help them in any way we can.  

  • Encountering the Holy Others in our Midst

    Have you ever heard of the term "siloing"?   This is the human tendency to hang with the same group.  The same group that looks just like we do; that holds the exact values we do; that lives on the same income level as we do; that has the same colored skin that we do; that speaks the same language as we do: etc.   At Bear Creek we want to challenge that concept by creating encounters with folks who are different than we are.  That may mean that we sign up to help teach English as a Second Language to recent immigrants from Afghanistan.  That might mean be going on a mission trip to Honduras.  That migh mean joining in a frank dialogue with African American's in the area about the reality of racism in our own beloved town and community. That may be volunteering at a welcoming booth in the Pride Parade in downtown Seattle. That may mean serving a meal for Camp Unity Eastside and sitting across the table with a 53 year old artist whose been homeless for 15 years. Why do we do this?  So that we can learn that Christ is not only in us, but in that neighbor we often drive right by.