Education Schedule

Sundays at 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Our adult education classes & youth bible study begin at 11:15 am. There are choices for all ages!

  • Babies and toddlers (Ages 0-2) can remain in the nursery if parents are attending classes.
  • Ages 3-7 can head to rooms E2 & E3 for a multi-age, station-based play environment. Since the Children’s Church class takes place during worship time (10:15-11:00), the hour after church is for fun connections amongst our kiddos!
  • Ages 8 and up can attend our Tween & Teen Youth Bible Study if they’re not interested in the playroom activities. This combines Biblical topics, online materials, and life-learning discussion. We will focus on activities and conversation that relate back to the sermon series, engage in mission events, and create opportunities for our younger generation to have meaningful reflections about youth issues of today.
  • Adults can attend ‘A Survey of the New Testament’ class (by Dave O – in the Multipurpose Room) or a class about the scriptures in Pastor Brook’s office.

Education Calendar

Please see this calendar for information about the education schedule for the future!