New to Bear Creek?

We at Bear Creek are a thriving, inviting, inclusive community

striving to reach out to the world with the compassion

and unconditional love of Jesus.





At Bear Creek, we understand that God’s grace extends to all people. We welcome and affirm persons of any age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ethnic background, faith tradition, physical and mental ability, economic condition, marital status, family configuration, and in all the ways in which God’s family is diverse and whole.


If you read the Bible without a Western bias, you'd never have the idea that the authors intended "church" to be a room full of quiet people sitting in rows while listening to a single voice. Community happens when everyone has a voice, when everyone is a part of making a true vision happen. At Bear Creek we do this in many ways: through our fellowship time, through big events, and through our small group ministry.  


Children are always welcome at Bear Creek. Their joy and creativity are contagious, and their examples help us deepen our understanding of our God’s love. During Covid-19, we have not been able to meet in person, but we have put together a vibrant Children's ministry through the use of online resources and a great craft/fun packet.  When we get back to live worship, our nursery is a great place to drop of your "little or littles" and come join us for worship.  Or, just bring them along to worship.  We have an activity table and busy bags  ready.  And don't worry about the noise...we totally understand!  Relax...we are here to give you support!  


Our youth program is always developing.  We continue to do all we can for middler youth and high schoolers to develop their understanding of what it means to know that they are loved by God and called to reach out to the community with compassion and care.  We meet at the church on Sunday nights from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. Games, food and bad jokes are a constant!  Invite a few friends and we'll see you there!