Bear Creek's Mission

We at Bear Creek are a thriving, inviting, inclusive community

striving to reach out to the world with the compassion

and unconditional love of Jesus.

Love within the walls of the building

At Bear Creek, we believe we start loving our neighbors with those who are right here inside the walls of the church. That means, each and every person who walks in the doors is treated like the precious child of God that they are, regardless of economic situation, race, gender identity, or relationship status. Many churches focus on who doesn't belong - we focus on who does. 

Love outside the walls of the building

Loving our neighbors doesn't stop at the walls of the building, though. We are intentionally partnering with local and international organizations which are working to bring justice to those who are economically, socially, or geographically disadvantaged. We have a special heart for refugees and those who have been displaced, and those who are oppressed. We live out our care through hands-on activities to shower love and support on those needing a helping hand, as we seek to learn about and from each person because each person is valued and valuable.